Hospital/retirement home care

Elderly Care
Receiving personal care ensures you get all the attention you need, no matter the situation.

Whether your loved one has a trip planned to the hospital that will result in them having to stay there for a period of time or they’ve moved into a retirement home – having personalised care makes a world of difference. It is a well-known fact that hospital- and nursing homes staff face a daily, never-ending struggle to provide patients with the quality of care they truly need. But, with Complete Care Group, you and your loved one will always be our number one priority, and with our hospital and retirement home care solution, private care has never been this good.

We will provide your loved one with extremely passionate, nurturing, talented home nurses that will stay at your, or your loved one’s side, to ensure their every need is completely satisfied. Our home care nurses will give your loved one their full attention, including our highly specialised ICU nursing sisters, seeing to it that they receive all the care they need.

So if you know someone you love is going to spend a few days in a hospital, why not make it possible for them to take their own, personal nurse to the hospital, so as to guarantee they receive care of the highest quality. Or, if you have a loved one who stays in a retirement home, pair them with their own personal carer who will give them the companionship and care they deserve. Complete Care Group will take care of your loved one like nobody else can.

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