1. Can I hire a nurse for a couple hours?

    Unfortunately not. Our incredibly talented and passionate nurses only work in 12 hour shifts, meaning a nurse will start a day shift at 07:00 until 19:00 or a night shift at 19:00 until 07:00.

  2. Can I hire a nurse for during the day only?

    Yes. Upon notifying our team, you can agree on having a nurse at your disposal during either the night, day or both.

  3. What type of nurse do I need?

    There are 3 main categories of nurses. Once we have received your specific requirements we will be able to recommend and subsequently source the ideal nurse for you.

  4. Who chooses the nurse that will attend to my requirements?

    Our talented team will focus all their attention on finding you the perfect match. We also provide the option to personally interview a selection of candidates, enabling you to personally choose a nurse that best meets your requirements. If you are not completely satisfied with your chosen nurse, we will go out of our way to rectify the situation and recruit a replacement.

  5. Do you accept medical aid?

    Yes we do. We try to work extremely closely with a wide variety of medical aids, to ensure you always get the best deal. To obtain medical authorization you will need to get a motivational letter from your referring Doctor. This letter needs to contain your member number, ID number, Full name and address. After we receive this letter, an assessment will be conducted by a nursing sister and the information sent on to your medical aid for approval.

  6. Can nurses do domestic work?

    Nurses are able to do light house work, including meal preparation and simple cleaning.

  7. Are there nurses who hold valid driving licenses?

    Yes, we have nurses that have driver’s licenses, and arrangements can be made at an additional charge.

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